ASD Red Flags

These red flags can only be used as a guideline as many typically developing children display some of these traits and no child will display all of these traits.

Communication Red Flags

Failure to achieve the following milestones:
- Babbling by 11 months
- Simple gestures (such as waving) by 12 months
- Single words by 16 months
- 2 word phrases (a noun and a verb) by 24 months
- Loss of acquired speech at any age
- May not use or understand basic hand gestures
- Unresponsive to their name being called
- Constantly talks about obsessive interests

Social Interaction Red Flags

- Little or no eye contact
- More interested in looking at objects than people's faces
- Inappropriate laughing or giggling
- May not like to cuddle
- Relies on self calming measures
- Unable to imitate adults or children
- Poor pretend play skills
- Unusual or repetitive play
- Does not point to show interest in something
- Seems to prefer to play alone
- Facial expressions may be unanimated
- Brings items to someone only when assistance is needed
- May seem distant towards their family members
- May seem like they are in their own world
- Difficulty in understanding the feelings of other

Behavioural Red Flags

- No real fear of dangers
- Spins objects or self
- Lining up toys or objects
- Tip-toe walking
- Arm or hand flapping
- Temper tantrums
- Compulsions or rituals
- High pain tolerance
- Inappropriate attachment to objects
- Uneven gross and fine motor skills
- Resistant to change
- Insistent on routines/ has compulsions or rituals (has to perform activities in a special way or sequence)
- Preoccupation with objects such as fans, wheels, etc.
- Sensory issues
- Self-injurious behaviour
- Sleep issues
- Limited food preferences
- Special interest in letters or numbers

Please Note

We suggest making an appointment with a pediatrician or psychologist as only a professional can properly diagnose a child with an Autism Spectrum Disorder.