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ARM Employment

"Different NOT Less"
                             -Temple Grandin

About the Employment Program

What is it?

This is a new project in which individuals with an Autism Spectrum Disorder are taught a series of workshops designed to teach workplace and social skills, First Aid, CPR, and WHMIS training. 

Did You Know?

Many companies are actively recruiting individuals with ASD because of some of their skills in the following areas:

- ability to do repetitive tasks
- attention to detail
-high levels of concentration
-factual knowledge and excellent memory
-problem solving skills
-strong technology skills
-adherence to work schedules
-retention and less absenteeism

How It Works

- Individuals will have wages subsidized for a period of 13-15 weeks, depending on employment start date.
- All individuals are paid up to 30 hours at $11.50 hourly, plus employer related costs of CPP and EI.
- If the person works more than 30 hours per week, the employer is responsible to pay this portion of wages.
- The employer pays the participant, and Autism Resources Miramichi will reimburse the employer. Reimbursement can be done weekly, bi-weekly or monthly whatever the employer finds convenient.
- We ask the employer to keep a time sheet for the employee and email or fax this to Autism Resources Miramichi each pay period.
- A job coach will be available at all times to support both the employees and the employer. The role of the job coach is to help the individual be successful in the workplace and help with any necessary accommodations.

For more info give us a call at 622-8137!

We are currently taking names for our ARM Employment Skills Program. 

Offered in November 2019. 
Call us at 622-8137.

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